Mike Lebrun

Mike Lebrun - tenor saxophone, flute, alto saxohophone (tracks 6, 14), soprano saxophone, clarinet, composition, programming, glockenspiel

Josh Johnson - alto saxophone

Daniel Szabo - piano

Anna Butterss - upright bass

Nick Mancini - vibraphone

Kevin Van Den Elzen - drums

Amber Navran - vocals (5)

Aaron Serfaty - percussion (9)

Release Date: 9.18.2017


  1. Flute Party
  2. Now, Then, or Some Other Time
  3. Click 'n' Slap
  4. Clusterduck
  5. Going Through the Emotions (feat Amber Navran)
  6. Saxophone Crash a Flute Party
  7. Drive There
  8. Summon the Hope
  9. Melt
  10. Step by Leap
  11. Jamovaland
  12. Eleven Toe Waggle
  13. Drive Back
  14. Surfer Girl

Shades is a reflection of Los Angeles. Its block-to-block unpredictability reveals a striking contrast of immense beauty, stark degradation, and fun in the sun. Mike Lebrun’s debut solo album celebrates novel sonic applications of woodwinds, painting a picture of LA through strokes of composition and improvisation.