Zephyr Avalon

Self-titled album

Zephyr Avalon - electric and upright bass

Jonah Levine - trombone

Mike Lebrun - tenor saxophone, flute

Jacob Mann - piano

Efa Etoroma, Jr. - drums

Harry Mack - vocals (2)

Genevieve Artadi - vocals (5)

Amber Navran - vocals (6)

Release Date: 9.18.2017


  1. Intro
  2. Why (feat. Harry Mack)
  3. 395
  4. Pomerene Tombstone
  5. Future Tears, Former Fears (feat. Genevieve Artadi)
  6. Sunlight Messiah
  7. Suspect

Zephyr Avalon offers a fresh perspective while staying rooted in the lineage of jazz and its embrace of other genres. Including guest appearances from LA's most in-demand and rising talents, such as KNOWER vocalist Genevive Artadi and rapper Harry Mack, the core band's cohesive grooves are infectious while still maintaining the right to swing their asses off.